Friday, 3 May 2013

New Mum Week 9: The Mime, the Internal Struggle & Nemo

Nine weeks on and I really feel like I'm getting in to the swing of all things Motherly. We, dare I say it, have a little routine going.

He has really started perfecting his expressions - that are like my expressions, but overly exaggerated - like he is an emerging Mime Artist.

  • His 'happy' is a huge, straining, open mouthed, gummy grin with a little tongue thrusting thrown in.
  • His 'unhappy' is bottom lip ridiculously jutted out and large teary Olympic pool eyes staring upwards. 
  • His 'interested' is chin down, mouth wide open to match two massive eyes 'caught in a headlight' staring to the particular person/ object/ portion of wall of interest.
  • His 'tired' is eyes rolled back in head, limbs limp, corners of mouth slowly teasing between a smile and a frown.
His current internal conflicts amuse me. It seems he is always having to make terribly difficult decisions. For example, sometimes he can't decide between eating ... and going to the toilet. He wants to do both at the same time - but the body is conflicted. I don't know if you have been in that position before - but try it, it's difficult! He wants to go to the toilet... but he desperately wants to drink his milk... he's not giving up the milk for nothing or no one. Watching (and listening) to this uncomfortable struggle is quite entertaining.

At other times he wants to stay awake and be entertained by his surroundings, but he also wants to sleep. He battles with his heavy eyes as I chant "time for sleepies, time for sleepies.." Watching his big eyes rolling around, searching for a place to lay their hat, is hilarious.

He has become one of those spooky haunted paintings when it comes to his Daddy - the ones where no matter where you move to in the room - the eyes follow you. No matter where my partner stands he follows his face, fascinated, (see 'interested' expression) no blinking, for hours. Whereas it would seem my face is old news!

I bought a sling - which has transformed our lives - and we have been out and about much more. This was a God send as I have spent the week searching for a baby friendly house. I personally think I deserve a medal house hunting with a 2 month old on foot. Just in time for the weekend we found one and we are set to move next month. 

The week of house hunting has meant I have HAD to get out of the house everyday - and HAD to be almost 'normal' - the only difference is a 12lb baby is now strapped to my chest. Life..... continues.

It would also appear that I have morphed into a 'Mother'. This week I walked up to my son, tissue in hand and wiped his face whilst saying "Heath! You are such a mucky pup!" without really thinking. 
"Goodness me, you're a Mother!" My partner exclaimed. And I beamed proudly. Yes, yes, I suppose I am! 
New mums everywhere ... it gets easier! 

There have been some incredibly stressful times in the last couple of weeks, in the last couple of months - but I finally feel like we are both keeping our heads above water. “Do you know whatcha gotta do, when life gets you down? Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.”

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