Monday, 15 July 2013

Cruel Summer - Son in the Sun

What do buses, men and the sunshine have in common? You wait forever for them - and then they all come along at once! We have waited seven. long. months for the summer ... and now we have a heatwave!

I have been a sun worshipper for many years, for the few days it comes out in the UK, but I have never had the combination of a near five month old baby boy... and the sun. Things are a little different when you have a baby ... and a heatwave. 

You become obsessed with their body temperature, very aware that they can't regulate it the same way we can. My son has been sporting a nappy and a smile for days, no clothes. I have to continually check he is in the shade and no ray of harmful sun is touching his delicate, sensitive, innocent, new born skin. There is nothing fashionable about a St Tropez baby - I have told him he'll have to fake it! Well if it's good enough for the folks on The Only Way Is Essex... 

I decided the best course of action was to get a paddling pool to keep him cool. Alas, it would seem every single other person in the UK had had the same bright idea and despite knowing about the heatwave NO companies had stocked up on this item. 

"Do not despair! Whatever happens I will return with a paddling pool" my partner exclaimed heroically. And true to his word, he returned several hours later, sweating, with a paddling pool... and a huge water machine-gun ... that takes batteries. Wonderful! 

We forgot the hose. Took us fecking hours to fill it. 

The water was a tad cold for him. He was alright with his feet in it. He was ok with his legs in it. Anything higher up.. not so good. 

I had to sit in the sodding thing to hold him. A mother's love eh? Fecking freezing. 

He slept in the shade while I soaked up the sun. Which brings me to my next point - the only bonus about having a baby in this heat is the wide array of creams I have to treat my sunburn this morning. 

And mother has been at it again. 
"Paddling pool? You won't leave him in it though will you?" 
"Yes mum, just for a few hours. We'll get him a mini lilo and a cocktail, put some summer tunes on and leave him to it! Sure he'll be grand! Club Tropicana drinks are free...."  

It is too hot for his jumperoo. It is too hot for his buggy. It is too hot for his bouncer chair. I am running out of options ... the fridge it is! 

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