Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The Weaning of Life

Question - who is the best fed person in our house, perhaps our street, perhaps town?
Answer - my five and a half month old son. 

We are in the full messy throws of weaning! 

It is fruit galore in pureed form - apples and pears and strawberries and raspberries and bananas and mangos and papaya! I don't even know what a papaya is! And if it's not fruit it's veg! Carrots and peppers and sweet potatoes and sweetcorn and spinach. Although I wouldn't recommend the spinach - as aesthetically it resembles something that one might see shooting out of the back of a sick farm animal. And it doesn't stop at fruit and veg... he is having a jolly old time as a carnivore. He has had chicken, bangers and mash and beef stew. In his special drawer in the kitchen there is a stack of gourmet delights awaiting him - from fish pie to pork roast to bean stew to cheesy pie to chicken casserole. He has also enjoyed baby porridge and berry crumble with custard! As I said - the best fed gentleman within at least a ten mile radius. Little Lord Fauntleroy!! I on the other hand am living on cold cups of tea and toast. 

It is an exciting time! After weeks of breast feeding - then months of formula feeding, milk seems so old news! The religious making up of the bottles gets somewhat tedious - so it is so exciting to get a little bowl and a little spoon and experiment a myriad of tastes on your little chubby Guinea Pig. So far my experimental findings note book reads ......... 

Hates banana, Loves Chicken. 

It is extremely interesting reading. 

Of course, with weaning comes a new hobby - washing! Your laundry bin overfloweth with bibs (redundant) and baby clothes splattered with pureed meals. Unfortunately 80% of the food that is intended for his mouth goes behind his neck, down his top, up his nose, on his chair, in his hair, under his nails and all over his outfit. 

We have taken to feeding him naked. That is to say - he is naked. We are fully clothed. The sight of me naked is enough to put any baby/person off their food.

At this rate, next week he'll be on the Anchovy stuffed Olives and Antipasti! 

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